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French cloth diapers for eco-conscious families

Our cloth diapers are made 100% in France. We only use the best materials, Eco-Certified fabrics with high heat resistance to allow you to get the best product possible.

Washable at high temperature and resistant to the dryer medium heat (both recommended for a germ and bacteria free result), our diapers are economical, ecological and will keep baby safe from any chemicals or harmful ingredients. As a parent you'll always wish to make the right choice for your kids, good school, good manners, organic food, educative toys etc... but what about the product they will be the most in contact with for their first 3 years of life?

Disposable diapers are not only a huge waste problem for the planet, as a baby will consume more than a ton from birth to being potty trained, none of them being really recyclable, but they are also very harmful to your baby health.

Products linked to cancer, hormonal imbalance, infertility disorders and many other irreversible damages are used in disposable diapers to make them more absorbent, thinner or even just perfumed...

You may not realize it, but disposable diapers will cost you about 4000 dollars during your baby needs, depending on the brand chosen and duration of use. Cloth diapers, at a top price, including washing and energy, will cost about 1000 dollars for your first kid and will be able to be used for your second, you'll just have the wash and energy bill, about 250 bucks, compare to another 4000!