AI1 Cloth diapers kits

TE1 (tout-en-un)

Our Ai1 cloth diapers kits will allow you to get fully equipped for a better price.
And because we know welcoming baby isn’t exactly cheap, you can choose for a payment plan and keep this month money for priority items, like chocolate ice cream!

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Size: Size 1 - from birth to 6 months old
Coloris: No gender
Lots: 12 cloth diapers

All the diapers you will need to get fully or partially equipped at a discount price!

24 diapers sets are made for a 100% time spent in cloth diapers, 12 diapers sets are more suitables for a partial time, when the daycare refuses your cloth diapers or if you use them just whenever you feel like it!

Sets will be carefully chosen by our care, just indicate if you have a gender preference.

The most practical of all, our Ai1 cloth diapers can be used exactly as a disposable diaper.
This cloth diaper is the perfect choice for busy families, simple and easy to use, it is THE time saving option!

Size 1 will go from about 8 to 17 pounds and is equipped with a central snap button to lower the belt part and allow for the umbilical cord to get a better healing, size 2 will fit from about 15 pounds until your little one is potty trained.

Both sizes can be adjusted in height for a better fit and will grow with your baby.
Two inside straps will allow you to add a booster pad for naps or night time.

Wash at 60c and dry on synthetic for a better result.
All our fabrics are Oeko-tex certified.
Colors may vary slightly, snap buttons included.

10 Items

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Oeko-Tex certified fabrics
AIO (All-in-one)